AV-2 Variant 1/60

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From "Patlabor 2: The Movie" comes a 1/60 scale plastic model of the Shinohara Heavy Industries Patlabor AV-2 Variant! The model comes with a Revolver Cannon, a Stunstick (long/short) and a shield. It can be displayed with its knuckle guards on or off with the use of interchangeable parts. The different colors of armor and joints have been recreated with colored runners, and parts like its unique chest canopy have been captured in plastic model form with the use of translucent parts. The markings of the mecha can be recreated with water-slide decals, making it easy to recreate the look of the mecha from the movie.

Manual (in japanese): https://special.goodsmile.info/manual/2021/inglam_manual.pdf

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Släppt år 2022
Skala 1/60
Universum / Serie Mobile Police Patlabor
Engelska i manual Nej
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