HAL-X10 Experimental Heavy Attack Labor 1/60

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"Mobile Police Patlabor" presents the 1/60 scale plastic model of the experimental heavy attack labor HAL-X10! Its legs boast a wide range of articulation, letting the user to display the model in both its signature multi-legged walking mode and its hover mode! The included stand can be used to display the model as though floating in mid-air. too. The rear end of the hover unit can also be separated from the rest of the model! The HAL-X10's unique features, like its deployable hatches, its cockpit and even its rolling mode from the TV series, which can be recreated with the use of included wheel parts, have all been faithfully recreated and included in this definitive plastic model kit.

Approximately 24cm long once assembled

Manual (in japanese): https://special.goodsmile.info/manual/2021/helldiver_manual.pdf

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Släppt år 2021
Skala 1/60
Universum / Serie Mobile Police Patlabor
Engelska i manual Nej
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