HG RX-78-02 Gundam (Gundam the Origin ver.) 1/144

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The classic RX-78-02 enters the HG line anew with a version of the kit based off its appearance in “Gundam The Origin!” A perfect way to kick off the new year celebrating Gundam’s 40th anniversary.

Thanks to the provided option parts, you can build either the early or mid version of the RX-78-02.

The early version features asymmetrical left and right sides and includes a gatling gun equipped on the forearm. The left and right shoulders feature a Shoulder Magnum and Vulcan canon respectively, contributing to the asymmetrical look.

For the mid version, both sides are symmetrical, including the shoulders which are built with flat panels instead of weaponry.

Adjustable vernier are also included on the backs of the calves, with a cover that lets you display or hide the features. The toe tips are articulated, too.


  • Beam rifle (early / mid type) x1 each
  • Beam saber x2
  • Shield x1
  • Hyper bazooka x1
  • Shoulder canon x1
  • Foil sticker sheet x1
  • Marking sticker sheet x1

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