MG G Gundam GF13-017NJII 1/100

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This  kit of the G Gundam features the "Fighting Action" frame system. The design is made from ABS plastic and screws together. The resulting frame is extremely strong and holds positions without the sagging that earlier poly-cap designs suffered from. Plus it is amazingly poseable - the box art shows the mech standing with its arms crossed. We built one here to try it and it is incredible. I actually had it balanced on one leg while doing a sweep kick pose.
The rest of the kit is typical Master-Grade quality. All parts are precolored and snap together. Dry transfers for markings. Includes a figure of the pilot - Domon Kasshu. Two sets of hands - one standard and one in clear yellow to replicate the look of the energy ball attack.

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Släppt år 2001
Skala 1/100
Universum / Serie G Gundam
Engelska i manual Nej
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