30MM Espossito Gamma (γ)

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En Espossita Gamma från 30 Minutes Missions.

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The first "variable mass production machine" in the 30MM series is the new aircraft of the United Earth Forces - the eEXM-30 Espossito Gamma! This 30MM can transform into flight mode and each part of the body can also be customized however the user likes. By combining with other Espossito and Exa-vehicles (sold separately), you can make it an even more unique machine.


  • Wing rifle (x2)
  • Double-barrel rifle 
  • Armor (x1 set)
  • Shointo parts (x1 set)
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Släppt år 2024
Skala 1/144
Universum / Serie 30 Minutes Missions
Engelska i manual Förklaringar och Stämningstext
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