HG Gilbow

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Piloted by the mysterious Black Mask, the Gilbow is equipped with its characteristic weapons and various gimmicks. The cockpit and coffin are modeled in detail, and equipped with slide and opening gimmicks; figures of Black Mask and Schnee are included. The Energy Impact Blade and Missile Pod on the arms can be deployed, and multiple axes of movement are built into its uniquely designed legs. Parts to transform the legs to reproduce the hovering state are included too, and a display base and stickers are also included.


Blade effect
Missile pod
Hand parts (x1 set)
Parts for transforming legs (x1 set)
Figures (x2 -- Black Mask, Schnee)
Display base
Stickers (x2 types)

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Släppt år 2023
Engelska i manual Förklaringar och Stämningstext
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