HG Gundam Immortal Justice 1/144

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Kit equipped with with the "Seed Action System" internal structure that specializes in reproducing impressive poses! It can transform into its MA form by replacing just a few parts. A new shield combining offense and defense is included; clear parts are also included in the shield. Effect parts can also be attached to the boomerangs mounted on the hip armor on both sides. The beam cutter extending from the knees to the toes is reproduced with effect parts. A mechanism allowing the connecting shafts of the hip joints to slide independently promotes bold movements of the legs.


  • Beam rifle
  • Shield
  • Boomerang (x2)
  • Effect parts (x1 set)
  • Joint parts
  • Stickers

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Släppt år 2024
Skala 1/144
Universum / Serie Gundam Seed
Engelska i manual Förklaringar och Stämningstext
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