HG YF-19 (Macross) 1/100

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In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the "Macross" anime series, Bandai is launching a new Macross plastic model series in HG, with the first model being the YF-19 variable fighter!

The YF-19 features a new "Shortcut Change" system, which was created after re-examining transformation, form, and movement.

The new system incorporates part replacements to simplify the transformation sequence, allowing for easy transformation between Battroid, Gerwalk, and Fighter mode.

The "shortcut change" system allows the figure to be sculpted in accordance each form, without being influenced by the constraints of the transformation process. By eliminating the complex structure, a movable area is provided in the body, achieving a new dimension of movable performance never seen before.

Polarized molding is used for the canopy, allowing the user to enjoy the changing colors of the canopy as it is exposed to light.

Includes effect parts to recreate the "Pinpoint Barrier Punch".



Gun pod x 1
Shield x 1
Effect parts x 1
Landing gear x 1 formula
Parts for reproduction fighter form x 1 formula
Parts for reproduction gearwalk form x 1 set
Joint parts x 1 set
Hand parts x 1 set
Nema sticker x 2

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Släppt år 2023
Skala 1/100
Universum / Serie Macross
Engelska i manual Förklaringar och Stämningstext
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